Our story

onsēm was born in 2021 as a result of a friendship of 2 French women meeting in New York and their love of vibrant African fabrics and fashion. 

For Charlotte who grew up in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, wax fabric was all around while Frédérique bought her first African prints in Barbes, Paris during her student days. 

Whilst the love of African Print lay dormant for years, the sparks reignited in the Big Apple and the adventure of onsēm began. 

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Made in New York

The handmade ready to wear and tailored skirts using beautiful vibrant African prints sourced at specialist African prints suppliers in the Bronx are produced in the Garment District in Manhattan, a few miles from our design studio.

The onsēm skirts make women feel feminine and effortlessly elegant; it is a skirt for all occasions from morning rush to evening out. 

Environmentally conscious, we only make a few items at a time to avoid waste of fabrics. It makes your skirt unique.

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